Your Business Pain Points

What are your business pain points? 

Whatever they are, rest assured, PowerUp DCM has got you covered, we’ll kick those business pain points into next week.  We design and distribute your tailor-made content to the relevant platforms and media outlets to maximise your online presence.  We’ll cure your pain because we have the know-how.  We won’t just apply a dab of Savlon and a band-aid.

You’re in business to make money, right?  And as a business owner, you’ve got big dreams of success in your sights.  Generating business with new leads and sales conversions is a given. But perhaps lack of knowledge, time or desire with developing your content and implementing your marketing strategy is holding you back. Are you losing ground against your competitors? Worried you’re losing out to them?

Is marketing your business, building your community and staying engaged daily becoming a real pain in the butt?

You want to thrive not just survive!

With our packages, we can get you organised with one, two or ten services to suit your needs and pocket.  Choose from our content management services which includes SEO marketing, content writing, social media marketing, building funnels, email marketing or social media advertising to get your small business going from flatlining to flourishing.  All the services are intertwined and flexible. What doesn’t work today can be tweaked to work tomorrow. 

Checkout the list of typical business pain points below. Do any resonate with you?

Avoid the crash dive!

Let’s rip off that band-aid and see what’s lurking beneath!  We’ll assess your business’s current marketing by reviewing your activity at ‘front of house’, and behind the scenes with Insights and Google Analytics.  A report of the results will be provided along with our suggestions.  After a consultation with you, a personalised strategy will be devised and implemented. 

It’s our desire to see your small business become a tall poppy in your field. Likewise, we want to keep you standing tall in that field with ongoing support. 

Whatever your requirements and budget, we’ll work with you to optimise your online marketing because we want to see your business succeed. 

Accelerate into hyperdrive! 

Our rates and packages are listed here because we believe in transparency. In fact, treat it like a ‘pick and mix’.  You choose which services are needed to suit your budget. However, if you need help making a decision, book a call with Lisa for a free consultation. When we have the facts, we’ll email you a competitive quote.

Call us today, you’ve got nothing to lose except unbridled success if you ignore your marketing.