Hourly Rate & Retainer Packages

Hourly Rate and Monthly Retainer Packages

We have four retainer packages for you to choose from. They are based on the number of hours required each month. When hours are increased the rate decreases. If you are unsure how many hours you need per month, we advise starting with the Toe Dipper package for a month or two and adjust it as you see fit.

Our rate packages are flexible. If, after a couple of months you need more hours you can step up to a suitable package. Conversely, if you are on a higher package and you need to decrease the hours for any reason then you can step down to a lower package. 

For a one-off, non-retainer small job that may take an hour or two, or for less than 5 hours a month there is an hourly rate of $55 p/hr.

Additionally, the respective package’s hourly rate will apply if you are on, for example, the Looking to Grow package, but for one month you require some extra hours which doesn’t take you up to the next package i.e: 10 hours plus an extra 2 hours equals an additional charge of $96 on top of the package price. The same applies if you require a number of hours a month that falls between the package’s fixed hours e.g: 15, 25 or 35 hours and so on. 

Hourly Rate and Retainer Packages

Terms and Conditions

  • Telephone calls, special stationery costs, printing and such like will be regarded as extra costs incurred by VB2B. These costs will be added to your invoice.  This is based upon prior discussion / agreed with you before executing the task.
  • Retainer packages are strictly 7-day payment terms from the date of the invoice. Payment is made into VB2B’s bank account.
  • Hours are not transferable or held over to following months.
  • Retainers can be ad-hoc or on a 12-month contract with 3 months’ probation.