Supporting you to grow your business, nurture your clients and take away your admin pain is at the heart of Virtual B2B. That’s my business!

And, as a business owner, I understand the need, the passion and the motivation required to make it successful.  I know the problems, the struggles, the highs and lows. I’ve walked in your shoes, trod the same road and stumbled along the way, just like you.

As a VA, I’ll manage the administration and marketing work you push aside. Assist in setting up strategies and processes to ease your pain. Social media marketing will leave you cold no more, cos I’ll be onto it. Researching topics, sourcing images and even writing, for your review, engaging content is all part of my remit.

Creating Pinterest boards, building email funnels and marketing campaigns, designing landing pages, and managing your blog is what I love to do. Even researching the best hashtags to maximise your audience reach has a peculiar fascination for me.

How about your website? It looks pretty but traffic is irregular – like public buses – arriving all at once or nothing for hours, days, weeks. And, as for email marketing, newsletters, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, well it’s got you so bamboozled you don’t know whether to post, paste or procrastinate.

So take a chance on offloading your woes. I’m the virtual paracetamol for your business headache. One tablet and the pain will be gone.