Fees & Packages

Hi, welcome to the fees and packages page. Below you’ll find three boxes. The first one outlines the one off set-up fee which is mandatory for when we start to work together. The second box is optional, and only if you require a comprehensive audit of your social media strategy to see how it’s performing and where improvements can be made. The third box has the links to the various packages I offer. If you don’t see any that suit you I can customise a package that suits your requirements and budget. 

Monthly Fee Packages

We have several monthly and retainer packages for you to choose from. 

A setup fee will be applicable at the start of all contracts as it takes a bit of time initially to get things up and running. This helps us to establish a good working relationship with our clients from the very start and to be able to confidently manage your business requirements efficiently, productively and professionally. 

Typical setup items would be:

  • obtaining and collating important information from the client to put together a client profile
  • establish a workflow process for the required work to be done in a timely way
  • ensuring login details for social media accounts, website/blog, email automation, scheduling tool accounts and other relevant accounts are current and working
  • setting up sharing devices such as Google docs, Dropbox etc
  • orienteering social accounts to get familiar with

NB. We only work within the parameters of our packages or the customised packages specially designed for our clients. These are not set in stone and can be flexible depending on requirements and number of changes. If a package is the regular norm for you but you require the odd extra job done now and then, then an hourly rate of $50 per hour will be applied to the normal package rate. 

Terms and Conditions

  • Telephone calls, special stationery costs, printing and such like will be regarded as extra costs incurred by PDCM. These costs will be added to your invoice.  This is based upon prior discussion / agreed with you before executing the task.
  • All packages are strictly 7-day payment terms from the date of the invoice. Payment is made into PDCM’s bank account.
  • We don’t work on an hourly basis so hours are not transferable or held over to following months.
  • A summary of work is supplied with your invoices. This does not outline the time it took to do tasks. 
  • Retainers can be ad-hoc or on a 12-month contract with 3 month’s probation.
  • It is recommended that social media packages should be given a minimum of 3 month probation for optimum effect