Power Up Your Socials


– I elevate social media & email marketing content for small & medium sized businesses to get better online visibility, expand their reach & build a dedicated community –

Love it or hate it, one thing is for sure…you’ve got to be actively social online if you’re in business. 

Why? Because it’s the way of the ‘marketing’ world and to help your business be a success, you must stay visible, relevant and engaged with your community. 

Most people, nowadays, use the internet and social platforms to browse, to buy and to check you out. If they don’t get what they want within seconds they’ll move on to your competitor.  

Common things I hear from small to medium sized business owners are: 

– I just don’t have time or I can’t be bothered with it –

– I do it but it’s a bit hit and miss, or it’s too time consuming –

– I know I should do it and it’s on my ‘to-do’ list –

– I never know what to post or understand what my audience wants –

– I’m not creative so haven’t got a clue –

– I don’t understand how it all works –

The right look and feel around your social media and email newsletters is important in building the ‘know, like and trust‘ that clients and consumers are looking for, so don’t miss out because you don’t have time or think you can get by on luck. 


Developing a social media strategy, creating visual and written content, working across all platforms and scheduling your posts in advance so you’re never on the back-foot is my specialty.  


Outsource your social media and content marketing to me, and your brand will get noticed because you’ll be consistent, engaging and relevant while building your audience.