What is Content?

Content is what you produce in terms of your website, blogs, videos, podcasts, infographics, newsletters, cheat sheets, lead magnets and presentations to name a few. Content answers questions, solves problems and establishes you as an expert in your field. It helps build trust with your community.  If people trust you they will want to buy from you, and recommend you to their community. You share content to your community via avenues like your website, social media platforms, YouTube, email marketing, newsfeeds and other media and article publishing sites.

What is Community?

Your community are customers or clients with whom you have built genuine connections through various means, including the content you have produced and distributed. They are the people who will ensure the future of your business’ success. Building your community with people who think like you and relate to your values means they trust you and want to buy from you. They will evangelise you to others who will then become part of your community. This is the power of word of mouth recommendations. Your strategy focuses primarily on listening to the customers or clients you have, and meeting their needs and wants. Your community is not necessarily your audience. Your community is your dedicated tribe, an audience is there for the short-term, unless you woo them with consistently good and valuable content. When they trust you they will become part of your community.  

Who is PowerUp DCM? 

We’re your new best friend! Creating content is powerful, but hard work and very time consuming. We help our clients develop and distribute  content to their audience and community. It could be creating and scheduling posts to your social media, designing graphics, editing and uploading videos, researching material for blogs and articles, creating infographics, cheat sheets and PDFs.

The outcome for you is consistently engaging with your tribe and keeping you visible in a noisey social media world.  We save you time and money, not to mention reduce your stress levels and banish those headaches. 

PowerUp DCM is small enough to care for your business as if it were our own. And big enough to ensure your business DOESN’T become a failed statistic.  It’s a fact that many small businesses fail within their first 3 years!

At the helm is Lisa Giovine, a digital marketing expert and consultant, LinkedIn advocate, business development manager and small business owner of PowerUp Digital Content Management Services. She is certified in digital content management, internet marketing and social media management, and has completed the Google Analytics certification course. 

Lisa offers clients a smorgasbord of solutions for their business’s growth strategy and branding development.

Kick-starter digital marketing steps for your small business

Successful businesses fuel the Australian economy. Running your own business is a dream afforded to many hard-working entrepreneurs. With it comes challenges that can loom large. 

Preparation to face these challenges head-on is better than a last-minute cure.

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